Introduce our philosophy, which develops business in the realm of blockchain with the mission of “make all assets digital”.


Message from CEO (Message from Seihaku Yoshida) (Message from founder)

Since establishment on 2018, HashPort has accumulate much of outcomes and knowledges in the realm of crypto assets and NFT, with the vision of “make all assets digital”.

Especially in the recent times, HashPort supports many of industries in many of aspects aiming to spread the use of Blockchain technology in Japan, in the era of “Paradigm Shift” boosted by the arrival of Web3,0, which is driven by the progress of technologies and changes of lifestyles.

On this background of the times, we will continue to expand the horizon of blockchain utilization and develop total solutions in the blockchain domain to open up Web 3.0 era.



Thoughts in the logo

The new HashPort logo uses the "block" of the blockchain and the "# -hash" that symbolizes the blockchain as a motif.
The three-dimensional and black-and-white "#-hash", which changes the way it looks like depending on the color of the background and how the light hits, expresses our determination to become “an actor who creates new value that changes the way the world looks like” Also, the three-dimensional “#-hash” is made up of cubic blocks, which express our commitment to rebuilding the world with blockchain.

Attitude toward Valuable

Corporate logos are usually reversed in color when the background is reversed in black to white, but the HashPort logo does not change the color scheme of the logo regardless of whether the background is white or black. It represents our strong will, that even if it’s appearance changes valuable still be a valuable.

Symbol of flexibility and challenge

Designed with a cubic block, which is a symbol of blockchain technology, as the smallest unit.
Expressing the structure by stacking the small cubes, it expresses the potential to be flexibly rearranged toward the future and the attitude of challenging fields where it is not yet known how it will be implemented.

Business card utilizes the contrast

The fact that the color scheme of the corporate logo mark does not change is expressed by incorporating a white background and a black background in the design on the front and back. While developing a digital business that does not have the concept of weight, we have devised a way to make the memory awaken with all five senses when viewed on the screen by finishing it with a heavy paper quality and embossing to make it a memorable touch.

Renewed service logo

The logo of "PLT (Palette Token)", which is the crypto asset of Hash Palette and it was the first IEO in Japan, was based on the image of “Wadokaichin”, the first widely distributed currency in Japan.
This is Japan's first crypto asset issued with the permission of the Financial Services Agency in accordance with laws and regulations, with the hope that it will become an important new page in Japan's economic history.
This time, while inheriting that will, we adjusted it so that it can also be used as the corporate logo of HashPalette. It is an image in which the gradation changes dynamically, and we assume colors that change according to the nature of the community where PLT used.