Basic Policy against Antisocial Forces

HashPort Inc. and its subsidiaries (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Group") shall establish the following basic policy against so-called "antisocial forces," groups or individuals that pursue economic benefits through the use of violence, force, or fraudulent methods (when considering these groups and individuals, it shall be focused on their attributes such as organized crime groups, companies related to organized crime groups, corporate racketeer, social movement advocacy groups, political activity advocacy groups, and organized crime syndicates specialized in intellectual crimes, as well as on their requirements for violent demands and unreasonable demands beyond their legal responsibilities). According to the following basic policies, HashPort strives to ensure the appropriateness and soundness of its business operations.

(1) The Group shall deal with antisocial forces as an organization
The entire Group will respond to unjustified demands by antisocial forces, not just the corresponding department.
(2) The Group shall deal with antisocial forces by coordinating with external expert organizations
In preparation for unjustified demands by antisocial forces, the Group shall establish close cooperative relationships with external professional organizations such as the police and lawyers.
(3) The Group shall reject all relations, including transactions, with antisocial forces
The Group shall not have any relationship with antisocial forces, including business transactions. Furthermore, the Group shall reject any unreasonable demands from antisocial forces.
(4) In cases of emergencies, the Group shall take legal action in terms of both civil and criminal proceedings
The Group shall take legal action, both civil and criminal, against any unreasonable demands by antisocial forces.
(5) The Group shall not engage in any backroom deals with antisocial forces or provide funding to antisocial forces
Even if the unreasonable demands from antisocial forces are due to misconduct in our business activities or a scandal of our officers or employees, the Group shall never engage in any backroom deals or provide funding in order to cover up the incident.