IOST is now available on Coincheck.

HashPort Accelerator Inc. (Tokyo, Founder: Seihaku Yoshida, referred to as “HashPort Accelerator”) is excited to announce that IOST, a blockchain project supported by HashPort Accelerator Inc. in Japan, will be available on CoinCheck. Coincheck is a cryptocurrency exchange operated by Coincheck, Inc (Tokyo, Founder: Satoshi Hasuo, referred to as “Coincheck”).

Press Release from CoinCheck:

■Internet of Services Foundation Ltd. Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Terry Wang’s comment

I wanna express my gratitude for the whole Hashport team of helping IOST getting approved by JFSA, JVCEA, and finally get listed in Japan. It’s a long and challenging journey and Hashport helped us a lot along the way. in Japan. Listing to Coincheck is a direct result of our unwavering efforts on our global compliance development progress and is a successful step in entering the Japanese market. Being approved by FSA and listed on CoinCheck will accelerate IOST’s market outreach in Japan, including future cooperation with more top tier partners and government entities, and we are really looking forward to having more cooperations and explore more opportunities in Japan together with Hashport.

■About HashPort Accelerator

HashPort Accelerator offers accelerator programs in Japan to support the development of blockchain projects that are recommended from major overseas crypto funds. HashPort aims to support each project’s success in Japan and to innovate Japan with the world’s leading-edge technologies by providing one-stop localization support crypto projects.

■About IOS Foundation

Internet of Services Foundation (IOS Foundation), the publisher of IOST and a non-profit organization, published the IOS platform and IOST with the goal of establishing credible commerce in all areas, from gaming to banking. Games, wallets, decentralized exchanges, stable coins, and other applications will be launched at the same time, and these applications are compatible with general Ethereum’s smart contracts, which makes the transition quick. In addition, IOS platform applies high-speed transactions using a technology called sharding and adopts the unique consensus algorithm called PoB, which enables building effective decentralized networks. Also, because IOS platform can be written by JavaScript, the most popular programing language, it is highly expected that many developers are able to join DApps development in IOST with ease. This will ultimately accelerate the spread of DApps in the market. 

Internet of Services Foundation Ltd.:

Introduction to IOST:

■HashPort Inc. Outline

[Company Name] HashPort Inc.
[Representative] CEO Seihaku Yoshida
[Address] 2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0061 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F
[Business Description] Consulting business

■HashPort Accelerator Inc. Outline

[Company Name] HashPort Accelerator Inc.
[Representative] CEO Seihaku Yoshida
[Address] 2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0061 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F
[Business Description] Accelerator business