Neo Foundation Ltd. to join HashPort’s second accelerator program.

HashPort Accelerator Inc. (Tokyo, Founder: Seihaku Yoshida, referred to as “HashPort Accelerator”) is excited to announce that Neo Foundation Ltd. (Shanghai, Founder: Da Hongfei, referred to as “Neo”) have joined HashPort second accelerator program that aims to expedite crypto projects’ business development in Japan.

HashPort Accelerator Inc. Founder Seihaku Yoshida’s comment

I am very pleased to work with Neo as the second phase of the HashPort Accelerator program. The theme of this second term is “maturity” and “practice”. With a strong need for digital transformation using blockchain technology in Japan and the ongoing studies of blockchain in industries following policy changes in China, there has been a “mature” ecosystem and a growing need for a “practical” blockchain platform within the business not limited to PoC in the world. Neo has “matured” team, ecosystem, and solutions based on their long history. Their technology has already been “practiced” into both business and public systems. Neo already collaborates with companies such as Swisscom and local government in China for the stronger ecosystem. I am convinced that the spread of Neo project in Japan will lead to further acceleration of updating the entire Japanese actual social and economic system with blockchain technology. It is also our mission of HashPort. I will make every effort to help Neo project blooming in Japan with the HashPort Accelerator team.

HashPort Accelerator Inc. Director Chief Acceleration Officer Mai Fujimoto’s comment

I am very pleased that Neo have joined the second phase of HashPort Accelerator program. While the Dapps Game industry is showing rapid growth in Japan, we expect that Neo, as new platform, becomes familiar and can give game developers in Japan other opinions. I hope that HashPort Accelerator provides add-value and contribute to their business.

<Introduction to the Accelerator’s Phase 2 Project>

Neo Foundation Ltd.(Neo)

Neo has developed an infrastructure with features to optimize stability and performance, including a smart contract system compatible with commonly used programming languages and solutions for transactional finality. Neo has a data storage system that can host large amounts of data while ensuring security and privacy. The DBFT (delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance)consensus algorithm is used to achieve high processing performance and successfully drive innovation that opens the way to large-scale commercial applications.

HashPort Accelerator and Neo share a same vision of “smart economy” that combines digital assets, digital identities, and smart contracts. We believe that promoting of smart economy will create a new type of decentralized platform in Japan. Through HashPort Accelerator, we plan to provide various support such as Neo marketing activity in Japan.

■Neo Foundation Ltd. Founder Da Hongfei ’s comment

Japan is at the forefront of the entire blockchain and crypto industry. Hashport is an evangelist in Japan promoting blockchain mass adoption in Japan with a massive user base. Neo is honored to be part of the Hashport Accelerator program. Neo will continue exploring Japanese market, providing the most developer-friendly blockchain infrastructure and blockchain technology solutions for more enterprise applications.

■About HashPort Accelerator

HashPort Accelerator offers accelerator programs in Japan to support development of blockchain projects that are recommended from major overseas crypto funds. HashPort aims to support each project’s success in Japan and to innovate Japan with the world’s leading-edge technologies by providing one-stop localization support crypto projects.

■About Neo Foundation Ltd.

Neo is an open-source, community driven platform that is leveraging upon blockchain technology’s intrinsic advantages to explore and realize optimized and future-designed solutions for a digital world. Neo has more than 10 developer communities in 20 cities in 7 countries around the world, helping to build Neo infrastructure by lowering barriers to entry. It supports general-purpose programming languages ​​such as C#, Python, and Java, and supports developers by providing comprehensive toolkits from smart contract development to DApp integration.
Neo Foundation Ltd.:

■HashPort Inc. Outline

Company Name: HashPort Inc. 
Representative: CEO Seihaku Yoshida
Address: 2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0061 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F
Business Description: Consulting business

■HashPort Accelerator Inc. Outline

Company Name: HashPort Accelerator Inc.
Representative: CEO Seihaku Yoshida
Address:2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
107-0061 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F
Business Description: Accelerator business