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CEO Yoshida took the stage at “Blockchain New Business Project Research”.

CEO Yoshida gave a lecture on “Blockchain New Business Project Research” hosted by The Graduate School of Project Design.


■Date:Friday 2 October, 2020  11:00 am(JST)

■Venue:The Graduate School of Project Design


■About “Blockchain New Business Project Research”

For those who aim to develop new businesses using Blockchain as a starting point, the workshop will be held to conceptualize new businesses for digital transformation based on Blockchain utilization.

Blockchain has the potential to transform across all industries, so it is necessary to study the business from a broad perspective, not only in one industry. This project will not only explain the technology and introduce past case studies, but also provide maximum support to make your business plan more feasible through direct discussions with the startups that are actually developing Blockchain businesses in the front line.

This project is supported by HAKUHODO Blockchain Initiative with the participation of 6 major Blockchain communities in Japan as partners. Guest lecturers are invited to gain knowledge about the nature of Blockchain and how it works in practice.

公司名称: HashPort Inc.
代表: 董事长CEO 吉田世博 (Seihaku Yoshida)
地址: 107-0061 东京都港区北青山2-7-13 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F 【地图】
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3. 其他业务
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