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Tokensoft and HashPort Enter into a Strategic Partnership to Support the Security Token Market in Japan.

HashPort Inc. (Tokyo, Founder: Seihaku Yoshida, referred to as “HashPort”) is excited to announce that Tokensoft, Inc. (San Francisco, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer: Mason Borda, referred to as “Tokensoft”) have entered into Strategic Partnership with HashPort to expand into the Security Token market in Japan. The joint services will bring to the market security token infrastructure that services enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions.


In the US, Tokensoft provides services to issuers of private or public offerings seeking to issue and manage securities on the blockchain, and provide secondary liquidity options to the investors. Tokensoft’s platform is designed to meet these complex and evolving reporting and technology requirements. In the US, Tokensoft works with EY on tax matters.


The Tokensoft platform has processed investors in over 50 countries and Tokensoft customers have raised or managed over $1 billion USD.



■HashPort Inc. Founder Seihaku Yoshida’s comment

I am very pleased to have this alliance with Tokensoft, and I believe that Tokensoft’s US security token technology and know-how can be put to use in the Japanese market. In the Japanese security token market, which is expected to grow rapidly in the future, The Tokensoft-HashPort Alliance will provide highly secure security token solutions optimized to Japanese laws and regulations with world-class experiences and reliability. We will make every effort to develop security token market blooming in Japan with our Partnership.



■Tokensoft, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mason Borda’s comment

The Japanese market continues to hold a high bar with respect to regulatory compliance and cybersecurity. Our technology has brought to market the first cold storage, multi-signature solution for the administration of security tokens and continues to serve the highest value assets in the security token market. This strategic partnership brings our commitment to cybersecurity and regulatory compliance in security tokens to the Japanese market.



■About Tokensoft
Tokensoft is a leasing technology platform for blockchain-based digital securities based in San Francisco, CA. The Tokensoft platform enables enterprises, asset managers, and financial institutions to fundraise manage investors, and access secondary market liquidity using the blockchain. The Tokensoft platform has processed investors in over 50 countries and Tokensoft customers have raised or managed over $1 billion USD.

Tokensoft, Inc. :


■About HashPort
HashPort is expanding its business as a solution provider that supports social applications of blockchain, with the mission of “Innovating Japan with blockchain technology.” We provide new token listing services and consulting services to many Japanese companies including cryptocurrency exchange companies. We also offer accelerator programs in Japan to support development of blockchain projects that are recommended from major overseas crypto funds.


■HashPort Inc. Outline

Company Name: HashPort Inc.
Representative: CEO Seihaku Yoshida
Address: 2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F
Business Description: Consulting business

公司名称: HashPort Inc.
代表: 董事长CEO 吉田世博 (Seihaku Yoshida)
地址: 107-0061 东京都港区北青山2-7-13 Praseo Aoyama Building 3F 【地图】
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